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Can you answer the following questions confidently and happily:
• How much are you spending on IT per month? Per year?
• Is your existing vendor double-dipping when you buy hardware or software?
• Do you feel that your IT budget is consuming too much of your bottom line?

For as little as $75/hour you can retain our expert technology team. We will find ways to save you money on hardware, software and services – both our own and those from third-party providers. You’ll know that every dollar you are spending is money well spent so you can focus on growing your business.

If you are interested in some real-life case studies, please read on.

Case Study 1  

A prospective client was spending $1,600 per month for basic maintenance and some hosted services. We analyzed their bill and informed them of several things:

1) They were spending $1,000 per month for “use it or lose it” tech support services, rather than just paying for help they actually needed.

2) They were leasing their file server and firewall, they did not own them. In two years they had spent enough money to buy two servers and two firewalls and own them outright.

3) They were paying for hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server for several mailboxes but were not receiving this service. Instead, their email was arriving via the free Verizon push service.

4) They were paying above-market prices for hosted Exchange services.

We provided a side-by-side comparison of our services and showed them that they would save nearly $15,000 per year by retaining us for their tech support requirements. They signed with us four days later.

Case Study 2  

A prospective client with nine regional offices contacted us. Their primary application server had crashed and they were not getting timely updates from their existing vendor about resolution or status. They asked us to act on their behalf and move the process forward. We found the following:

1) The server had not been backed up in three months. The tape based system was non-functional and had gone unmonitored for nearly one year.

2) The server itself was quite antiquated, had no redundant drives, and lacked other failsafe measures that would have prevented this complete meltdown.

3) The vendor rebuilt the server using the same failed hard drives that caused the initial breakdown. Neither the drives nor the server were replaced, which proved to be just a band-aid rather than a solution.

We explained the situation to the client. They immediately retained our services. Within three days we had a new server built for them, migrated their data and Terminal Services to the new box. We backed up our client’s data in three ways so they are fully protected.

Case Study 3  

A prospective client was in need of a new server and was told that it would cost nearly $10,000. The client felt this price was too high and asked us for our opinion. We provided a side-by-side comparison of the same hardware – minus the markup – and advised the client that the server actually costs $4,800. The proposed server was being marked up over 100% and the cost was buried in a nine-page proposal that included lots of fluff but little substance. The client signed with us the same day.